Help identifying what breed of chicken this is.


Jun 20, 2018
SE of Seattle WA
1 month ago I went to Tractor Supply to get 2 chicks to put under my broody hen. But they have a 4 chick OK. I was told 2 of the chicks were Silkie - they're NOT. But I can't figure out what they are. Sadly, a neighbor's cat caught and carried one off last week. The chick pictured here is the one that's left. It came from a bin labeled "Polish, Silkies and Assorted Bantam" so I assumed it would be a bantam. Very pretty! And big for a month old, I think, so most assuredly not a bantam. But what is it? I welcome any and all ideas. Thank you! :ya frosty.2.jpg frosty.1.jpg

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