Help identifying which chick is which breed...


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May 18, 2011
Amarillo, Texas
Ok I think I have most of them figured out, but the white ones are giving me a run for my money. I'll post the list of chicks I bought so you can use that as a reference.

(All are Bantams)
Golden Laced Cochin
Mottled Cochin
Partridge Cochin
Black Frizzle Cochin
White Frizzle Cochin
Golden Neck d'Uccle
Porcelain d'Uccle
Blue silkie
Red Silkie
White Silkie

I'll start with the easy ones

#1 Mottled Cochin

#2 Black Frizzle

#3 Golden laced Cochin ?

#4 Partridge Cochin ?

#5 Red Silkie

#6 Blue Silkie and I think all the rest are White Silkie (they all have black beaks, feet and legs)

Thes are the ones that I have no clue about, I have lost a couple and have no clue what to get to replace them
I tried to put them together in the pictures by color. So hopefully all the chicks in each pic are the same breed.



#9 Sultan??

#10 Porcelain d'Uccle? I've lost 2 that looked like this one.

#11 Golden Neck d'Uccle?? Also lost one of these

There will be 2 pics that apparently have the same breed of chick in them, but I can't tell which one lol.

I've definately learned my lesson... when ordering chicks... make sure that when they are babies there are not 2 or more breeds that look alike. This has been a head ache. When I ordered them I said "Well I'll just wait until they start feathering to figure it out" Well now that I have lost 5, and of course 4 of them I can't tell which breed they are. *Sigh*

Any help is appreciated! Thanks


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Mar 15, 2011
#1 yes
#2 yes
#3 ?
#4 yes (if thats what you ordered
#5 i guess.
#6 yes the white ones are white
#7 wouldn't those be the mottled cochins then?
#9 YES. I <3 sultans theyre soooo cute.
The rest I am not sure but I do think those are the porcelain D'Uccles (sp)

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