Help ID'ing hybrid rooster and hens

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    Jan 11, 2015
    Hi all,

    I received 3 chicks from a woman who had a mixed flock, but I was just getting into chickens at the time and only recognized a few of the breeds she had. She told me two of the chicks were blue silkies, and the third one was a mystery chick. The chickens seem to be almost fully grown, but I can't tell what they are. I am pretty sure they are all hybrids. The "silkies" definitely don't look like silkies to me.


    I figured the rooster is part bar rock due to his coloration when he was a chick and also his current feather colors. However, he has some iridescent green tail-feathers, feathered legs, and slight reddish feathers in places. Anyone have a guess for the other half?


    The silkies were a bit muddy from scratching around after the rain, as well as the rooster going after them ;)

    All guesses would be appreciated!
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    Your little hens look like silkie mixes. Hard to say mixed with what from the pics.

    Your rooster does have one barred parent, it may have been a barred Rock or another breed. Again, hard to say from the pic. With the red leakage, the best bet is the other parent was gold based.
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