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Help in san jacinto,ca

Discussion in 'Where am I? Where are you!' started by chickenbatsht, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. chickenbatsht

    chickenbatsht In the Brooder

    Jan 21, 2013
    I was just informed today that I could not keeps 4 chickens due to the zoning laws in my city.they say quote " No person, either as owner, agent or employee, shall keep any horses, cattle, mules, burros, sheep, goats, swine (except Vietnamese pot bellied pigs), similar large animals, or live poultry or domestic fowl within the city in any zone under the zoning law of the city that does not specifically authorize the keeping of such animal or fowl. The keeping of any such animal or fowl in any zone not specifically authorizing the same is declared to be a public nuisance.".so if I read this right I cant keep chickens at my house but I can keep a pot bellied pig..does that make sense?.I told my local code enforcement that plenty of people around me have chickens and rooster and the code enforcement officer said or well we will do a raid and take the animals away.and honestly that makes me mad I dont think they should have a right to take a animal away unless it's dangerous or sick..any one have any idea on how I can get it so I can have chickens and does any one live in san jacinto,ca and have chickens

  2. CherokeeLife

    CherokeeLife Hatching

    Aug 9, 2016
    San Jacinto, CA
    If you live in low density residential or rural zoned areas it's legal to keep them. But with San Jacinto you may have to fight them on it. The regulations are hidden deeply in Reverside County anumal code. Because zoning is not standardized in San Jacinto you really have to scrutinize the city zoning map.

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