HELP! Incubator not holding temperature!


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Jul 27, 2009
Arlington, TX
Hello! I borrowed an incubator from a friend and, like a fool, I didn't spend long enough testing it before sticking eggs in it. It's not holding anywhere near 99.5 degrees. It's more like 95! Is there anything I can do to get the temperature up? Should I just race out and buy a new one? Are the eggs in there likely to be dead? (It's just been a couple of a days) Or will they be alright if I can get the temperature up? I've got 36 eggs in there, I really don't want to lose them!

What type of Incubator?Still air or fan? Unless its a genesis all of them can be adjusted real easy-Genesis can be as well but not as easy!
This is going to be a stupid question ... what's a wafer? And it's not 99, it's 95. In fact, right now it's 93.6. It's a round metal incubator, still air. I don't know what brand.
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Ah a Brower - go get some of the silver bubble wrap insulation they sell at home stores. Wrap the Brower sides in it, cutting holes where there are vent holes if any. Wrap it once, watch your temps. They should come up, if NOT coming to 99.5/100 then two layers should do. Browers are very subject to room temperature. Duct tape the wrap on and continue as normal.

Metal incubators prefer warmer environments. Make SURE not to plug any air inlets. Moving it to a warmer room without temp fluctuations would help. But if you're insulating, not necessary unless your house has bad drops in temp.
That sounds like a gigantic pain in the butt, since I'd have to re-do it three times a day to turn the eggs. Which is not to say you're not right, you understand! I believe you are. Maybe I should just buy my own incubator. Ugh, I hate spending money. But I hate non-hatching eggs even more!

If I can get the temperature right today, do you think the eggs will be alright? I set them on Saturday.

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