Help integrating my new pullet please.


8 Years
Aug 17, 2011
I got a pullet from my friend as she could not cope with her being a bully to her original flock.
I quarantined her for a month and today i let her out to freerange with my flock of 2 hens, 2 pullets and a 16 week cockerel. Well it went very badly, my 2 older hens attacked her straight away and kept attacking every time they went near her, then the cockerel (who is normally very sweet) attacked her aswel, his hackles went straight up and he kept jumping up and attacking her till i seperated them.
I'm really worried now as i was getting ready to introduce some 15 week old chicks to my flock , now it scares me to do so.
What can i do to make this easier on all of them?
Gotta add them at night. There will still be issues during the day,but it should not be as severe. I add my witch hen to the coop during the day,but only the roo goes after her. She on the other hand attacks all the other hens. Putting yours in at night will help. I added my EEs to the flock when they were 18 weeks old.Did it at night. During the day there was pecking but not serious damage.

One time I tried to add a RSL back into the flock who was kept in the house for weeks.I set her down outside so she could get some outside time.Her flockmates attacked her horribly. I was so sad.She came back into the house until I finally culled her when she did get well.

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