HELP! Is there anything I can do to help my 11 day old chick eat?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by SMilano, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Apr 2, 2012
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    I got this baby two days ago and already seemed to be in poor shape. [​IMG] The lady i got them from just had them in a large cold box, no heat, no food and a cap of water. they were tiny. She is a silkie chick, and i am assuming they are small in size since her sister is about the same size, but more spry and stronger. i added these to with my 4 one week old BCM's, and all little Willow wanted to do was get up under everyone. She got shoved, pecked, and stepped on, and eventually got left alone. i seperated her and her sister from the big guys cause she didn't seem like she was handling it well, and today she is lethargic and limp. what can i do for her? i have her on a heating pad in a warm towel and i am giving her sugar water in a syringe, and she seems to wake up and take it instinctually. If u have any suggestions i would appreciate them, i just fell in love with her and was looking so forward to seeing her grow. it will be a tragedy to lose such a cute little creature. :(
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    She looks like a little buff silkie, right? Very delicate. I would try and keep her and her sister separate from the others for at least a couple days. It's not a good sign they are pushing her away from them, but that's nature and she can easily recover. I've gone through this experience so many times now I have learned never to count one out! They'll come back chirpin'
    If you can, go get some Sav-A-Chick (it has more nutrients than sugar water) and some tetracyline. The tetra is a last resort, but it could really help her if she isn't getting any better. You mix it in the water and if she drinks it on her own, great, otherwise give it via dropper or syringe. You can get it at the feed store, or a vets office if you've got one.
    I also make a "chick mash"--- medicated crumbles, mixed with H20, tiny bit of apple cider vinegar--- mix it up till it looks like disgusting dog food. I cut up cardboard egg cups and put it in there. That way she gets hydration, probio nutrients and sustenance. Then you can just toss the cup when she's done eating. She might also respond to a heat lamp as well, since the light signals to them it's daytime, not sleepy time.
    This is just my opinion, and what has worked with me & my silkies--don't give up hope just yet, these chicks are resilient!
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    Apr 2, 2012
    Pierson, FL
    I did end up losing that baby chick, such a shame. I ran right out and replaced it, with yet another tiny little white fluff ball that seems a lot more resilient, but after four days she died too. she had what seemed to be an umbilical cord still on her that was draining. I have 3 very healthy and thriving ones from the same two group. Guess people are getting rid of them too young? but i know hatheries send them out a day old! don't know what i did wrong, since i have raise 11 total so far up to 9 weeks and healthy and fine. But i wanted to thank you so much for your time and advice, i will be sure to use it in the future. i never knew chicks could and would eat egg... lol.... thanks again for your help!

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    I would consider a heat lamp also. Check the temperature at chick level under the light and make sure it's about 95 degrees for a chick less than a week old. I used a heating pad also and it felt uncomfortably warm to me but the chicks loved it, just not a way to really regulate the heat with the pad like there is with a light. They can do very well from birth. Food, water and warmth are the main reguirements. First weeks are the toughest then they start getting tough about the third week.
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