Help! I've got questions about my ducks!


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Mar 4, 2018
Hey so my family decided to get ducklings and I just have a few questions (we have 3 about 1 week old Swedish blue ducks and we have raised chicks two times before)

1. They have been playing around in their water a lot (it is a regular chick waterer) but their bellies are a little wet is this something I should be concerned about? If so what can I do to fix it?

2. Do we need to remove their water and food at night or is it okay to leave it in thier broader with then?

3. With our chicks we had to watch out for pastey butt, is that a concern for ducklings as well?
Hi! Welcome to BYC!!
I’m jealous of you! Those are hard ducks to find! :clap So glad you have them!
Their stomachs are wet because they got them wet. As long as they aren’t cold, they are fine. Momma duck uses her bill to put her oil on them, allowing them to swim with her. Before they have their own gland, they will swim happily in your sink/tub/baby pool, but when they get tired, they can’t float. So as long as the dish isn’t deep enough that they can’t stand, you’re fine.
Oh! Yes, they can get pasty butt too. It’s caused by too much heat. Ignore the thermometer. If they are acting normal, they are fine. You would not believe how little heat they actually need. Momma doesn’t walk around with them underneath her. They explore the world, and go to her for a few minutes when they are cold.
I have never seen a Duckling with pasty butt and have raised lots of them...Don't remove feed and water..Make a container for water out of a margarine container...Cut head sized holes in the lid for drinking so they can clean nares and not get water everywhere..
have fun and dont worry too much. As long as they are warm, fed, and watered, they'll be ok. it sounds like you take good care of them. They're hardier than you think

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