Help ~ Lawn Fertilizer


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Camden County NJ
Back in April a company called Trugreen came out here and convinced my fiance' to open an acct. and let them spray the lawn with nasty chemicals. This was before I had the chickens or my organic garden but of course I flipped out because they were both in the works and my fiance' should have said No since he knew what my plans were. I called the company that day and told them they were never ever allowed on my property to spray anything and cancelled the service.
Those people came out here today while I was sleeping and sprayed my lawn with 2 diff. chemicals to kill weeds!!!!!!!! I was sleeping (I work night shift) and they just left this note on the door saying they did a FREE lawn audit and that they had sprayed the chemicals again. Luckily my chicks were not out at the time but now my organic garden is no longer organic, I was so proud of my garden since this was my first year!!
I called the company and flipped out. The girl on the phone tried to tell me it was safe for the chickens after 3-4 hrs because it would be dry. I asked how that could be since it says on their stupid lawn card that neither my dogs or kids should be on the lawn for 72hrs and my chickens EAT THE GRASS!!!!!

She basically said they had no record of cancelled service and they would "fix" whatever problems came from them spraying. FIX?? How are you going to fix ruining my garden and possibly killing my chickens????????

wish I could have wrote this in RED.

SO what about my chickens? how long do you think I have to wait before they can be safe in my yard again?

The smell coming in my windows right now from that crap is actually giving me a headache!
ok, now I am going to go cry because I am that upset.
I cant help you but they came to my house the other day too asking to spray. I told them flat out NO because I dont want my animals around that stuff. I didnt open an acct with them but if i were you I'd be

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