HELP- Lethargic, eyes closed and not eating/ drinking


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Hopefully someone can give me some advice about my red chook. I have attached pictures of her current state. Her symptoms are:

1. Lethargic (walks for a bit and then just stands in one spot)
2. Eyes Closed and head down
3. Not eating and drinking

Her poo is normal, we kept her in a box last night inside separate to our other chickens in a warm bed of straw, and she is now separated from the other chickens by a fence but she is still lethargic and you can get really close to her and pick her up before she reacts and normally she is a hard one to catch!!

Thing is a couple of days ago she was perfectly fine, just 2 days ago she laid an egg and then I noticed when she came out the nest box that she was acting a little bit tired but I just attributed that to her laying an egg. But my partner got home yesterday and thought she was dead as she was not moving at all and thats when she separated her.

If anyone can assist with any potential ideas of what this is, or what I can do for her? Please see the pics attached. I would hate to lose one of my flock, the other 3 seem to be perfectly fine still.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Worried Hen Mother :-(

how old is she? try an get her at night see if she has any lice or mites ect. then check her vent for heat and swelling if so she might be egg bound. is she sneezing, coughing, or runny noes if so she might have a respiratory infection
She is just over a year old. Checked her yesterday for lice/ mites and they all have been recently treated for lice/ worms anyway so I dont think it is that. Felt all over her body too and no visible signs of trauma,nothing wrong with her vent area no swollen crop, she feels a little bony. And no sneezing, no discharge from the beak/ eyes, which is why we cant figure out what is wrong :-(
Seriously this chicken was perfectly normal and her usual chirpy self and stuffing herself with food until yesterday.

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