Help! Lovebird with mites?

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  1. Paige14

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    Jul 27, 2014
    I recently noticed my lovebirds constantly scratching their head. One time they were on seperate perches (one perch on top of the other) and the bird on the top scratched his head, then the bird on the bottom started to scratch a lot too! Do you think they have mites? They have about 5 eggs in their nesting box and are new to parenting. The eggs should hatch in about a week. I tried putting paper towel on the cage floor but they both slept in the nesting box. When the eggs hatch should I remove them to protect them from the mites? While treating the parents? How can I get rid of the mites? I have diatomasious earth? Should I put that in their nesting box? And do you recomend any products? I'm planning to take out the chicks at two weeks to hand fed, if they dont have mites.

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