Help! Machine not working properly

Maria G

In the Brooder
Feb 1, 2015

I have a Brinsea 7 egg incubator. It is fully automatic, and I have had two successful hatches, but now I have had two that failed miserably. All eggs developed perfectly, but at hatching day, only one managed to get out of the egg. Two others pipped, but failed to zip properly. I tried helping one, but it hadn't absorbed the yolk properly, and died after a day. The next hatch, nobody even pipped.

I am quite sure it is because the cool down + turning didn't stop for the last two days. Now I will try to turn them off manually, but I am not sure when to do it. When I set the machine, it started counting down immediately, so I am not quite sure when to start "lockdown". My plan was to stop the automatic turning and the automatic cooling two days before expected hatching day, but I just don't know when I should do it. it says 3 days left today.

Is it better to start lockdown too early, or a bit too late?

Hoping for some help :)

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