Help managing too many roo's


8 Years
Aug 17, 2011
I have 5 young roo's from eggs i hatched. I have advestised 4 free to good homes, but it's been nearly 4 weeks and i have not had 1 response, so getting a bit worried as to what i'm going to do with them.
I decided to keep my light sussex because i really like him, this was until he started attacking my shoes and trying to peck me every time i go near him or the young pullets. I have tried working with him as suggested on here but he peck me if i even try and pick him up, so now i'm not sure if i should keep him.
I'm also thinking of keeping a cochin roo for the cochin pullets that i have, at the moment he is behaving himself.
I also have a very nice blue copper marans roo that seems for now to respect me and not challenge me, so should i keep him instead of the sussex?
I really am confused as to what i should do, so any suggestions and advise will be great.
Also if i am left with them all together for a while longer i'm worried that at some point they will start fighting, i have no where to seperate them individually.
They range between 18- 11 weeks old.
I'm in your same situation. I had 6, now down to 4 after culling 2. My first rule is that I will not tolerate a mean roo. If I want them for breeding, I keep them seperated until I need them. I have 2 Roosters housed together, they get along as far as I can tell, But one of them is more dominant.

In your situation I would keep the blue copper marans over the speckled sussex Roo. Good luck:)
I really don't want to keep all of them, 5 is too many. I would like to keep the cochin to breed with his girls and either the blue marans or the light sussex to breed with the bigger girls.
I do not have any where else to keep extra roo's, thats why i am trying to find them homes otherwise i probably would keep them. Noice levels are also a concern with 5 roo's, we don't have laws to say we can't keep them but if they make too much noise and the neighbours complain, i would be asked to get rid of them.

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