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    I have to give my rooster meds 2x a day but it isn't easy to catch him and if you do, he gets real angry. (he even bites you) Anyway, the only time I can get him is at night. I see everyone uses nets. what is a good way to keep him calm after I catch him.
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    try holding food in your hand. make sure to pet him like crazy. funny, because one of my fav roosters, Hats, (in my avatar) loves me. lol. he gets pecked on by the mean cock sometimes though. he tries to follow me everywhere!
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    Pick him off the roost at night and stick him in a dog crate (if you have one) or some other smaller cage until he no longer needs the meds. If he's not used to being handled, he probably won't be calm for a while. He may eventually get used to you and settle down.
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    This part of procedure I used to employ with roosters harvested from walks. Such birds could be very flighty at time of harvest yet I needed them tamed for easy handling within a couple of weeks. Actual taming process was particular to avoid stressing confined birds and a reward system that could be tied to the medication application was also employed.
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    ....and make sure when you take him out to medicate him the room the crate is in is a closed room in case he gets away from you.

    With what and why are you medicating him?
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