Help me choose a LGD please!

Nov 11, 2020
West Virginia
Yes this is exactly where I am at. I currently own a very large incubator and raise my own chicks and am in the process of expanding my flock through my own stock. 16 is the smallest my flock has been in awhile and we are not happy about it one bit. Also plan on adding livestock to my property soon. My husband and I are semi self sufficient and planning on full self sufficiency on our property and are raising our own meat and growing a garden. We don’t work full time jobs too be able to do this. We don’t live the same lives of convenience most people do currently. These aren’t just pets to me, these are a food source. A good lgd is expensive yes but a great investment for someone in my situation. Just because they don’t completely stop casualties doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. The cost of a dog is not a problem to me, and I think what it will add over time would be worth it. I really appreciate that you listed breeds that would be better suited for a smaller acreage because now I have a better idea of what to look for and that I need to stay away from traditional lgds.
The kind of dog you need depends on where you live, how much land you've got and whether its fenced or not .The kind of livestock you keep is determined by the kind of fences you have ,how effective the fence is and how good the dog is at protecting your livestock .The more you depend on your livestock for food the more important it is that you get sound advice and make the right choices.

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