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    We have had chickens for about two years and are jumping into the goat world! We moved to an acre of property and already have their space set up. Looking at two different options of Nigerian Dwarfs. We want them for backyard pet & milking purposes. I have been doing my research, but often my excitement gets in the way of seeing any red flags. Especially when I am not really sure what to look for.

    Option 1: 3hrs & 30 min from me. 5 year old Chocolate ND. She would be fine around children, she's not one that's gonna come right up to you and be super friendly, she will come when you have a feed bucket though. She just had kids. He milks his does to put some in the freezer for when he needs to bottle feed his babies. However, he did say he isnt a heavy milker, so she may need some work. He sent me an update since I showed interest... the past two days he milked her, she did fine, and he got 2 cups per milking session. Seller has a farm page with very good reviews. She is $150. I would find a buddy for her closer to here... was thinking of a wethered pygmy or something less expensive in my area. My two year old already loves her and picks her photo out of a group of photos... already calls her "Brownie" Lol

    Option #2: Two hours from me. Two ND does. Had kids in November and one is still in milk because she has a kid still with her. One is very gentle and friendly, the other is shy. The gentle one has been milked before, but in the year she has had them, she didn't milk either one. She purchased from a lady who was selling out their entire herd and used these two to breed with her pygmy buck. She said she no longer intends to breed, but just want to raise the babies. Said I should be careful with my toddler around them until they get used to their new surrounding, which is understandable. Original price was $500 for the pair. She agreed to sell them both to me for $300 if I promise to keep them together.

    I feel like the two does is a really good deal, but maybe almost too good? They are definitely much prettier than "Brownie" and would give cute kids in the future. Which would you choose?!
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    Id go with the two, i think one, they're prettier :) no offense Brownie haha also, they are bonded so you won't have to deal with introducing another to Brownie, they're closer, and a good deal. I don't think its a too good to be true kind of deal either! You will LOVE goats! I have 3 ND and 1 Alpine cross, HES GIANT! The Nigerians are playful and friendly and LOVEEEEE my toddler!

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