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Discussion in 'Quail' started by Trapper Luke, Mar 19, 2016.

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    Good morning!!
    Aight so I'll post pics in a bit but I got three of these old desks from the school they are 34.75" wide 22.25" deep and 23.75" tall. I would like to divide them in half for height making each pen roughly 11.5" tall which sounds bout right so the quail don't hurt them selves. I'm planning on using each pen for 1 roo and 3 hen coturnix. There is a top shelf that will be in the upper pen but if I put a flat roof on it it'd only be bout 3.5" tall should I take this lil shelf out or maybe extend the roof some and use it? Up until last night I was gonna do wire flooring but now I think I'm gonna try the deep litter method instead. These desks would be perfect since there is already a solid floor and will take a minute to divide them with another soild floor inbetween. If anybody else has a design of ideas I'd love to hear them don't be shy!!

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    Apr 20, 2015
    One thought: deep litter is going to cut several inches from your height. Like 3-4 inches, I think. That makes 11 ½ inches = 8 inches. That is very low imo. If you did wire floor, there would also need to be a drawer of some kind under the top level so they don't poop on the ones below. That would also take a bit of the height, but not nearly as much. Personally, I'd make one (deep litter, I don't like the thought of spending your life on wire. But if I actually had cots and saw how much they poop, I might change my mind and start thinking it's worse to spend your life in your own poop ;) ) cage from each and pad the top to prevent them from getting hurt..

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