Help me figure out what happened


6 Years
Apr 8, 2013
I set 2 dozen eggs in an LG incubator. 1 dozen I got from a lady down the street I buy eggs from. She said they were picked that day, they were really clean though so I am pretty sure she washed them. The other dozen my husband got from a friend. Those were also picked that day but they had poop and bedding stuck to them so I know they were not washed. On day 10 I candled and 3 or 4 of the washed eggs were not even fertile or they had no development at all so I tossed those. then between day 10 and day 18 I ended up tossing 6 more eggs cause they stopped growing and smelled bad. Late on day 21 into day 22 six hatched and they are doing great. On day 23 two more hatched but they had not absorbed all the yolk so I left them in the incubator till they seemed okay and now 24 hours later they are a little slower than the first healthy chicks that hatched but I think they will be fine. Two chicks pipped on day 23 but then died before they could get out and one pipped on day 22 but by day 24 still had not hatched so I was about to toss it when I felt it move. I usually dont assist in hatching but since 2 pipped and then died I figured this one was probably going to die so I helped it out a little. It had pipped in a weird place like right in the middle of the egg, not on one end. Well anyways this chick finally hatched and it is loud as hell chirping like crazy but I dont think it was really ready cause the shell is kinda bloody and he still has umbilical cord attached and a little yolk left to absorb.

There are still a few eggs left that are probably dead but I will do the float test before tossing them.

What do you think happened? I mean I have 6 healthy chicks hatch right on time and then two die during hatch and 3 that look like they are hatching too early even though they are days late and all eggs were set at the same time.
Because you got all the eggs from different places they may have been at different stages of development, causing them to hatch at different times. As for the chicks dying while hatching, this can happen as some chicks are just not strong enough to break through their shells for themselves.

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