Help me figure out who is laying


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Jul 16, 2014
OK, so I have been getting 4 eggs almost every day. 2 that I know for a fact are silkie eggs, and 1 I know for a fact is a RIR egg. Then there is the other egg. I want to say its my other RIR but the egg looks so different. I also have 4 Buff Orpingtons but I didn't think any of them were laying yet. They are 24 weeks this week. The RIR are 28 weeks. Don't know how old either of the silkies are, but they just started laying the week before last.

I know the one on the left is from a RIR and the one on the right is a Silkie, but I am not sure about the one in the middle.

One ofmy BO's, see how light her comb is still?

One of my RIR's

Back one is my darkest combed BO, then a RIR, closest is my roo

The top of my other RIR girl
Its the RIR in the last pic I posted! I caught her in the act today and she laid another egg just like the one I was asking about :) So the egg on the left in the pic is from the RIR in the second picture.
That makes sense to me.

The egg on the left and the egg in the middle look like samples my RIR girls would both give.

My BO's eggs are much smaller and a creamy/white colour though.

Its so fun having eggs every day! Between my chickens and our visiting chickens we get at least 2 eggs a day and sometimes as many as 6 a day!
I recently had to feed a lot of eggs back to them because people couldn't keep up with consumption. :/ Still, chooks love hardboiled egg, good for them lol!

(I keep two hens instead of one for every egg planned for, of different ages, so instead of getting a dozen hens of the same age for a dozen eggs for part of the year and having nothing for the rest of the year, I get eggs all year round, which is pretty affordable when they're mongrels and quite feed efficient. This way I get a whole team laying a dozen a day at any given time, and when they want to take a break and moult or brood, the younger or older team kicks in and lays, and so it goes... 'Mother-daughter tag-teams' sort of concept... Works like a charm, all through winter too, but sometimes there's overlap and we've got eggs coming out of our ears lol.)

Best wishes.
Really, we shouldn't have a problem eating all of our eggs at the moment since there are 7 people in the house. My boys want to sell our eggs if we get too many after our 4 other hens start laying. I am going to boil a bunch of the silkie eggs this morning.

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