Help me ID these ducks please.


9 Years
Mar 19, 2010
Spring Branch
Several weeks ago I hatched some mystery duck eggs we found at a pond. Two of them I have no idea what they are. Their eggs were a light green color and they took a few days longer to hatch than the other ducks. Any ideas? Thanks!

They look like they could be Muscovy hybrid/Mule ducks. I'm seeing a bit of the beginning of some carnucles developing on their faces, which tells me they definitely have some Muscovy in them. If the eggs were green maybe they're Mallard and Muscovy cross. That's my best guess.
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I usually don't agree with people saying they're Muscovy or mule ducks in this forum (because they usually aren't), but your duck definitely looks like a mule duck. They are so pretty, but are sterile. I agree with AmandaVirus, probably crossed with a wild mallard.

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