Help me ID two types of chicks please

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by henless, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. henless

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    I picked these up today at Atwoods. I need to see if ya'll can help me id them. I got 6 chicks, three of each type. They are supposed to be pullets, so hopefully no roos.

    First set:



    They are fat little puff balls. The tip of their wings are a beige color. Their over all color is more of a beige than a yellow. I'm thinking they may be Buff Orps? Any other thoughts?

    Next set:



    I know they're not Australorpes or Barred Rocks, I already have some of those. I'm leaning toward Wyandottes, Silver Laced perhaps? They were in the same bin as the beige chicks.

    The people at Atwoods were very helpful, they just did not know for sure what type they were. They said corporate orders them and has them sent to each store. They never get a list of what is ordered. I think it's at the desecration of the hatchery as to what is sent.

    They also don't have a minimum of how many chicks you have to get. They catch them for you, but then hand them to you to look them over and see if you want that one or not.

    Thanks for any help ya'll can give.
  2. RoostersCrow HensDeliver!

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    Apr 11, 2011
    SE Michigan
    The top group look to be Buff Orpingtons.
    You are correct on the bottom group, they are Silver Laced Wyandottes.
  3. henless

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    YES!!! The two types I was missing and was really wanting to get this year. Thanks a lot!
  4. Lady of McCamley

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    Mar 19, 2011
    NW Oregon
    I agree the top could be a Buff Orpington. MIGHT be Red Stars...but a good chance they are Buffs.

    I can't get the photo to enlarge without getting blurry...the bottom could be Silver Wyandottes...look at their combs. They should have a horseshoe shape won't be a straight line like the yellow'll be broader for the rose comb that will grow from it. You can see the difference even as chicks.

    You can see it somewhat in the Cackle video below.

    If you can see that on the black/silver chicks...then they are your Silver Wyandottes.

    Lady of McCamley

    I chose the Gold Laced video as it shows the comb a little better than the Silver...look at both though to see what I mean
  5. henless

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    I hope the top are Buffs. I have some Golden Comets or Golden Sex Links and they look different from each other. Thanks for the info about the combs. I'll be sure and look at the combs on the dark chicks when I check on them again. Hopefully they both will be the types I want, and if not, I'll just have to try again next year.

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