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    Sep 29, 2011
    My husband bought me 4 chicks. I would guess their age to be about a month or two. Im pretty sure i have 3 roosters in the bunch. The smallest one who barely has a comb im thinking is a girl. Anyway i caught my yellow rooster trying to rip the black roosters comb off! By the time i got them seperated there was a little blood and he had his feathers plucked from his head! Two days later my red rooster started atacking the black one also. He does not defend his self at all. Now i have the two together( the red rooster and yellow). They try to fight each other but so far they just have stare downs. My question is there anyway to have them all together in peace?! I heard if they were raised together this is possible? I really hope there is a way.
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    Sometimes. If blood is being drawn they should be seperated. I had two roosters and one was starting to fight for dominance before I got rid of both (at least one of them was starting to challenge me). If you have 3 roos and one hen, that is not a good ratio. I would either add more pullets and/or get rid of at least two of the roosters (cockerels).
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    try to post some we can help you identify if they are roos...3-1 is not need more pullets, or 2 less roos

    1 roo to 10 hens is the average that is recommended.

    If that type of fighting is going on, maybe you should just get rid of the aggressor...what do you want to do with them, just eggs, babies one day?

    If all you want is eggs, and you are worried about the roos, just keep the pullet and add a couple more to her

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