Help me know my Chimby better

Chimby the chick

Dec 1, 2020
I'd like to know what sex, age, or breed my new adopted chick is.
I found it 3 weeks ago and it was super small (so far we believe it is infact 3 weeks old) but don't know what breed or if it's a female or male chick. I only have one chick and I'm a first time chick mommy. My grandmother used to say that one way of knowing was to turn them around, and if it started kicking it was a boy vs. if it stayed calmbit would be a girl....well my chick would be a hybrid 😅 because it does both from time to time.

Here are some pictures for reference based on the rules provided. (I tried)
IMG_20201201_221301.jpg IMG_20201201_221416.jpg IMG_20201201_221431.jpg IMG_20201201_221712.jpg IMG_20201201_221620.jpg
Too young, but tbh it looks like a BSL. If it is, it’s a pullet.
But nothing’s sure yet.

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