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  1. Peacheschic

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    Jan 3, 2013
    Redding Ca
    This is my first time posting here, I come on here a lot and read every ones threads and learn. But now I need help! On Saturday March 2, 2013 my Silver Laced Wyandotte was attacked by my neighbors dog! I rushed over to her and picked her up with my sweater and carried her into my house, crying the hole time! I examined her, and I couldn't find any blood. She lost some feathers, and her eyes were swollen and puffy. I have been keeping a close eye on her. Feeding her warm oatmeal, yogurt, and chick starter that's medicated. I have also made a saline solution for her eyes. After I clean up her eyes I put antibiotic ointment on both of her eyes. They were very pussy, I can tell her eyes are getting better, but I just don't know if she will ever be able to see again. I let her out in our enclosed back yard with my supervision yesterday, and she was walking around, scratching the ground and eating little things! I think that brightened her spirits! Also ever since she was attacked I have been hearing this weird crackling noise, I think it may be coming from inside of her? Any input on this is very much appreciated!
  2. Peacheschic

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    Jan 3, 2013
    Redding Ca
    Someone please help me! I know you are all very smart people! Anything is better than nothing at this point!
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    Nov 7, 2012
    I'm not sure what you are asking. I mean it sounds as though you are taking very good care of her and if she is scratching and pecking maybe she is seeing ok. As far as the noise you hear are there any other symptoms?
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    Dec 10, 2012
    Maybe and i say m,aybe she has a lung problem. I could see if a dog grabed her in his mouth by her body, he could do some damage, even a collasped lung. Just keep her safe, warm wit food and water. I would keep her from the others for a few days. You can leyt her be with thm wih uervison. They may want to go after that "funny"looking eye. Chickens can survive from wounds. It will be a few days before you know for sure what is up with her vision. She will need some time to heal.
  5. chickengeorgeto

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    Dec 25, 2012
    If she is scratching and pecking at the ground IMHO she can see.

    Discontinue the warm oat meal, it may cause her more lung congestion problems than the warm (wet) oat meal can heal.
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  6. FenikT

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    Dec 5, 2012
    You mentioned a crackling sound coming from inside her. Someone mentioned a lung problem, which could be a probable issue given a dog attack. A possible item associated w/ a lung problem could be something called palpable crepitus. Its basically air which collects under the skin adjacent to the lung due to a puncture. As the name implies, if you rub your hands over the skin, you will be able to feel the pockets or induce a popping/crackling sound as the air is moved/displaced.

    I find the use of medicated chick start a bit out of the ordinary, considering that sort of feed is a coccidiostat (reduces likelihood of Cocci). Its best to target treatment for a specific symptom rather than a Hail Mary pass so to speak. Unless your bird is showing bloody diarrhea or oozing clear fluid from the mouth, I'd lay off the medicated feed.

    I think the best bet would be to isolate for a few days, gauge her health and vigor, feed and water as normal coupled w/ a bit of yogurt for a free choice treat.

    Chickens are pretty sturdy animals. If you find your bird has crepitus, there isn't much to be done but sit back and let her heal on her own. I'm would be hesitant to start her on an antibiotic unless she exhibited signs of sickness. Just my opinion, as I find many people tend to medicate, medicate, medicate which increases the chance of pathogens becoming resistant. If she perks up, let her loose w/ the rest of the flock and be sure to take care of the dog problem.
  7. Peacheschic

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    Jan 3, 2013
    Redding Ca
    Thank you everyone for your comments! I will send pictures tomorrow morning, If I can figure it out! Her eyes will NOT open, unless I very gentle move her eyelid down. Her eye balls are still there, she just wont open them! Her eyes are closed, when she does try to walk around she bumps into everything! She can Not see anything! She has been in my house now for three days since the dog attack.

    I have been researching everything, and I just don't know what could be wrong. It very well could be a injured lung, I just don't know what other signs I should be looking for. Also I still dont know why she wont open her eyes. They look ten times better now, I have been putting neosporin on both of her eyes three times a day for three days now, she just wont open them! :(

    Does anyone think a chicken could go on with life being blind? I know she can hear me, she comes to me when I call her. Do any of you know any blind chickens?
  8. misspiggy

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    Apr 9, 2014
    I have a blind chicken. She is a Buff Orpington. I don't know what caused her blindness, but she has been blind now for many months. She has survived. She runs into things and can't run around like she did before. I hand feed her special treats occasionally. But, she will find the feeding tray by pecking at the air and the noise she hears from the other chickens eating at the tray. None of my other chickens have any signs or symptoms of any diseases. Maybe her original vaccination didn't take. Who knows. But, she does fine.

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