Help me name my small chicken business!

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9 Years
Oct 20, 2010
Central FL
I need help with names! I want something catchy and easy to remember that could encompass selling live chickens (mostly as pets) and eating eggs.

Pertinent info:

My name is Lana
I do not have a farm, just a small backyard flock and garden.
I generally specialize in egg-layers and pets
I will eventually sell eating eggs if my girls ever lay...

Any suggestions?

I liked Lana's Ark and Lana's Laying Ladies but they don't have to say my name.
Lana's eggs and pets

Lana's chickens

Lana's pets

Lana's friends

Lana's friends and eggs

Lana's beauties

What kind of chickens do you have? Do any of them have a name?
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I have all different kinds! I have 7 pullets - black marans, wyandotte, ameraucana, polish, sultan...etc

All of them have names! The leaders are Dragon and Midna.
I was going to register my egg business as "Who came first?" You know? The chicken or the egg? So if anyone asks I can say the chickens! (We sell free range eggs by the most spoilt ladies in the country.)
Hubby shot down my suggestion, so you can have it. He wants us to call it "Happy eggs"
Lanas Layers?

Are you selling chicks or older point of lay pullets? 7 chickens will not give ya a whole lotta eggs everyday (especially if you plan to eat any yourself!).

Do you have roosters? Wondering if you plan to make the chicks you sell yourself, or buy, raise and re-sell?

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