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    This is the 1st time hatching eggs so I might make a few mistakes along the way but I've read hours of hatching material and think I know enough to make this work. [​IMG]

    I bought a 1602n hova bator with the turner on e bay for $86.00 including shipping and added a computer fan, I went to a comp repair store and asked for a used fan and got it for $3.00. Here's a tip for buing a fan that will work with your old cell phone charger, bring the charger with you to the comp repair store and you'll usually find 1 that's close to the voltage of your charger (the charger is just a power converter & it lists the output voltage) I mounted the fan diagonal from the original position because the holes didn't line up and was a little too big. I bought 2 thermometers/hygrometers to put in it and I also used the old standby glass thermometer that came with the Hova. I started it off by using a blow dryer to heat it up. After everything was installed and ready to go I just propped the lid open and ran the blowdryer, I made sure I didn't burn the foam and got it to 120f and then put the lid on. Be careful heating it up, it didn't take long, maybe 1.5 to 2 minutes. And another thing, I've read where people hate the styro bators because it didn't hold a steady temp but I did notice when I installed the wafer themostat that if you're not careful when turning the wafer onto the adjustment handle that you have to listen very careful to hear the click the mfg talks about, I lucked out by being in a quiet room and thought that it should've been screwed down farther that what it was, if I had not been in a quiete room, I might've broke it before I ever plugged it in!!! FYI!!! As mentioned earlier, I didn't use the factory fan mounting holes and that left me with 3 small holes in the top along with a slightly larger one that I'm assuming is for ventillation, I covered 2 of the holes with tape to increase the humidity but found out that if I cover any hole the humidity rises in just a few minutes. I then found the info on dry incubation and will do my own calculations to regulate humidity and use an almost dry hatch method. I had it running since 10:30 today with water in the middle tray with both red plugs installed and one of the fan mounting holes open along with the center vent hole and the humidity has been steady at 37%. According to what I read about dry incubation, the humidity should work out fine as long as I wait for the humidity to drop to aroung 25% and then refill the tray. I'm not just concentrating on humidity, I'm also keeping a good air flow and steady temps.
    I have these themometers in there:

    Fluckers from petsmart, glued to the top of the egg tray reading 100.2 temp & 37% humidity. This one is always a little higher temp than the others.
    Radio Shack model with 2 temps on it, 1 for outside that I have taped to the top at the wiring of the thermostat that reads 99.9 temp. This unit is sitting even with the eggs and that reads inside temp at 99.5 temp & 37% humidity.
    The glass thermometer is taped to the top of the tray and it reads about 99.5, it's hard to be exact because it's in 2 degree increments.

    So 4 different thermometers readings:
    100.2, egg level
    99.9, top
    99.5, egg level
    99.5, egg level

    I also took 2 of the egg trays out to increase air circulation and make room for my meters, I don't know if will help but I'll know in 21 days.

    I'll continue to post the results and hopefully we can figure out the best way to use these cheaper model bators, I can't say anything bad about the hova, steady temps and it doesn't take long to see the difference in temp when I tweak the thermostat or the humidity.

    I did have 1 problem, I put the eggs in and within about 40 minutes, 1 of the eggs cracked. I don't know if it's a bad egg or the temperature change from 76 degrees to 100 made it crack, if anyone has an answer please let me know.
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