Help me save this 7 week old! Shipping stress? Cocci?


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May 31, 2009
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I got some wonderful birds in the mail on Thursday from Kathyinmo. They had a rough trip, evidently sitting in water in their box for a while (and escaping into the post office) but arrived in good shape.

One of the silkie feathered Ameraucana project birds, 7 weeks old, is very puffy and still today. No obvious symptoms. A bit thin. Maybe a bit of gaping but not consistently. She's not showing interest in food or water. No bloody stool to my knowledge. No respiratory discharge.

We had a ton of rain, and despite having a dry dog house, the little one has spent some time on damp ground as well.

They have medicated starter, and water with ACV.

I isolated her this morning into a dry cage and a heat lamp.

I'm afraid to "wait and see" for too long, for fear that she will decline too rapidly.

I would suspect Cocci first due to the damp ground, but I can't be certain. What else might develop as a result of shipping stress?

I have Tylan 50 injectable, Duramycin 10, sulmet, as well as Wazine and ivermectin. Would there be any point in medicating without pinpointing the problem? Would force feeding yogurt be a smarter choice?

I am the last one medicate without cause, but losing this bird is not something I'm interested in. Any miracle cures to perk up droopy birds?
See if you can get her eating and drinking pronto. They really can't go for long without nourishment at that age.

I'd try hardboiled egg yolk, cooled then mashed. It's nature's perfect, most nourishing food for chicks.

Keeping her warm is good. Make sure there is a cooler part of the cage that she can get away to if she's too warm, though.

Good luck!
Good idea! She seemed thin with not much in her crop, so that's probably the best first step. I have no shortage of eggs!

She can be as warm or cool as she wants. She's in an open wire cage with heat at one end.

Thanks for the advise. I've nursed many birds with various ailments, most of the time successfully. Due to the rarity of this bird, I'm really hoping for a good outcome!
I would suspect cocci. Do you have Corid? I would try a 5 day treatment of Corid. As a matter of fact, when I put mine on ground I wait a week and start the 5 day course as a routine.

If she is droopy, you may need to force feed her. Just dribble some in her beak. Try some mashed eggs to entice her, too. Anything at all to get her to eat.
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Kathy, I may have Corid, and not Sulmet... I'll have to check the emergency kit. It may be corid.

The other three are looking fine, but I might be wise to treat them for a few days as well.

I would give them Corid mighty fast, and you can give it to all of them, as it is just a Thiamine inhibitor and won't hurt anyone.

I would also get some baby-parrot food and mix it in with the crumbles as well as force a tiny bit (mixed with water to a paste) into the tip of the beak. Usually once they taste it they want more.

Hope it works out for you!
I had Corid on hand, so I mixed it up in her water. I also made a paste with boiled egg yolk, chick starter, and the corid-water, and got at least a cc or two of it in her. She wasn't in love with the idea, but she didn't fight me too much.

I put her sis in the cage with her to keep her company, and to get some Corid as well. The sick one is much thinner and lighter than the other. I figure I'll keep forcing more food every couple of hours until she's interested in eating on her own.

I'll see if I can find some parrot starter too. I know just the stuff as I used to hand feed lovebirds...

Fingers crossed!

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