Help me save this chick!

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    I have a chick that is maybe 1 week old at the most. I got him (along with 5 others) from RK on Friday. This little one is the smallest, and this morning I found him flat out under the ecoglow. He must have gotten squished under the others over night. He is significantly smaller, although they are all the same age, within a few days of each other.

    Anyhow. He hasn't opened his eyes. Still chirping occasionally. I tried to offer a nutrient supplement to him, but it seemed to be too thick for him to swallow, so I tried sugar water. He seemed to swallow a bit of that, and then i separated him from the others. Now he seems to have liquid coming out of his mouth/nose. Just a little, but still.

    He will sit up sometimes, but is VERY unsteady on his feet. Can't really stand but will sit up. Shakes his head sometimes. Etc. Is there any thing else I can be doing for him? He hasn't seemed to get worse but he's certainly not showed any improvement. Is there anything I can do to save him? Still hasn't opened his eyes poor baby. I just want him to get better.
    It's a gold laced wyandotte if that matters.

    thanks for any help!

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    He may not make it, but you can try the electrolytes and vitamins. Poultry Cell or Poultry NutriDrench are good products to use also. Keep him warm under a heat lamp or use a heat pad, and prop him up with a rolled up wash cloth or similar. Sometimes they overcrowd chicks at feed stores, having too many in very large brooders. Last year at my RK, they had 6 foot long brooders with water at one end, and food at the opposite. When there are 200 chicks trying to find water and food, I don't know how many survive. There will be weak chicks who do not thrive with most hatches, but all you can do is try to get him to eat. Sorry about the chick.

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