help me sex my young silkie!


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Jun 9, 2011
Hi, there! I recently acquired what I was told by the breeder to be a female silkie pullet, about 3 months old. I'm VERY new to this whole thing, but I've got my doubts as to the sex of this bird. As I'm not allowed to keep roosters in the city, I need to know ASAP whether or not this bird is a male or a female, and this forum has always been incredibly helpful. Thanks for any help!



Welcome to BYC! I hope you get some other imput besides me, but silkies are often extremely hard to sex at at this early age. Your beautiful "girl" seems to be a cross which may make it easier. Hope you find out soon before you get too attached!
Yeah - I just got done looking at the Silkie FAQ posted on here and saw that they are extremely hard to sex at this age. Sorry if I've put forth an impossible task!
The white stuff is my free choice oyster shell for my older birds. Like I said, I'm new to this...I was TOLD it was a silkie, and I was TOLD that it was a girl...
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Anyone have any solid reasoning behind their diagnosis of malehood? Also, could the fact that it's a male be why my dominant hen (a 7-month old Red Star) is rather aggressive towards him?
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