Help me Sex These :)

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7 Years
Apr 11, 2012
Hart County,Kentucky
They are all supposed to be pullets but idk now ! these babies are about 9 weeks old give or take..and also if you have an idea of breed please feel free to share :) i know they are mutts but i would like to know what breed they could be :) thanks again

#1..fluffy feather's on each side of face....

#2..little mo hawk...

#3..5 toes and feather's on side of legs only and a little mo hawk...

#4the orange on has feather's on it's feet and it also has the fluffy on each side of face....

Any and all comments and help will be a great help ! thanks
I'm very new to chickens so I can't help, but I wanted to comment on how astonishingly beautiful your chickens are!
thank you very much ! i mess with them everyday and they know when mom comes in the the flashy thing they love it lol they will freeze when i point the camera at them lol

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