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    So, this year I'm starting with chickens again. In years past I have always had just one breed of chicken -- Ameraucanas -- and my only concern was for the pleasure of the chickens and eggs.

    Now I've accumulated a small starter batch of new chickens, and I've got multiple breeds. For example I have a Salmon Faverolle cockerel and two pullets, a Cuckoo Maran cockerel and two pullets, two Ameraucana pullets, two Light Brahma pullets, and two Black Austrolorpe pullets, and then 4 straight runs -- two black silkies, a silver and a golden sebright.

    So, my question is, what do I have to keep in mind in planning the coop and run revisions that will allow me to keep some of the birds separated next season so I can know that I have eggs from "approved" [​IMG] combinations.

    This weekend I am going to have some help so I can do some revisions in the coop itself and also to start the complete rebuild of an outdoor run, so I want to make plans that incorporate the possibility of separate digs for some birds next spring.

    Any input for me? Any stuff I need not to forget?
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    With a low hen to roo ratio, I'd just make a breeder pen or two that you can put the desired pairs into when you want the eggs, and a batchlor pad to keep the roosters in. I'd worry about the hens getting bare backed if there was an agressive roo and just one hen with him.
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    Thanks SilkieChicken.

    That's sort of what I was figuring. I'll do a search on breeder pens. I'm not sure how complex and/or complete they need to be compared to the whole set up. Does each one need an enclosed roost/nest box area and an outdoor "run"? Would that, for example, mean a main coop/run and two smaller versions of the same either attached or enclosed?

    Sorry for all the questions.
    I'll go do a search and see if the information is already here.


    Edit: I definitely should have done the search first. Here for example are most the answers to my questions:

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