Help me with a shopping list please!


11 Years
Feb 27, 2008
Picking up the bunch of RIR hens tomorrow so today i need to go grab all of my necessities and since this flock was basically a 2 day decision i do not have any supplies or food purchased yet. Just my temporary coop and run put together which i will post some details on later.

Anyhow I know i need the following

1 Feeder(s) Do i need one for in the coop and out in the run as well?

2 Waterer(s) Same question as above

3 Feed- These are 12 month hens so i am guessing layer crumbles and scratch? Any corn?

4 Any supplements i should get now like oyster shell?

5 Straw for the nest box's

6 Wood chips?? --- The coop (temporary) is make shift out of portable dog kennel sections then tarped on all 4 sides and the top so the floor is dirt/grass so should i still put some wood chips down?

7 Shotgun, just to make sure there are no trouble makers....

8 Beer, If not for me to make beer can chicken on the grill out of any of those possible trouble makers... heheheheh

9 Anyhow let me know what i am forgetting as i will be making a mad dash for orschelns this afternoon. Thanks
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Pine chips or hay will work. i use hay for the next boxes, I have one waterer and feeder out in the run that comes into there cage at night. oyster shell and grit.

others will have better suggestions
Should i get some golf balls to put in the nesting boxes so they know its the new place for them to lay?
golfballs or wooden/clay eggs will help show the girls where to lay. I saw some DE eggs that I plan to buy to help keep away bugs and show the girls where to lay.
I am excited for you, I sure hope you have a good trip, wish I could go with you. Like I said I love my instant flock. Have a safe trip and let us hear all about when you get home.
I use straw in my nesting doesn't mold as easily. I would have at least two water sources....
And dont let them out to free range for at least 1 or 2 weeks.....theat way they learn where home is.

Have fun....keep us updated..
You might want to get something to store your feed in. We don't have mice, but we have a plague of squirrels both red and grey that rip open the bags if we don't put them into trash cans or tubs. The cats won't go after them or their too fast.

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