Help me with layout?


8 Years
May 6, 2011
I'm needing some help with where to place roosts/poop board and nest boxes.


(not to scale, ha)

I was thinking the poop board/roosts could go along the 8 foot wall over the chicken door and nest boxes next to the people door?
The wouldn't make the nest boxes rally handy as we couldn't just stick an arm in to getbeggs, we'd have to step in and reach around.

Look forward to those of younwith experience guiding me!!
Could your nest boxes fit under your window? Not sure if it's high enough, but that would eliminate the reach around issue. Not sure what direction your coop faces, but under the window they would have the light shining over vs into them. Only issue might be chickens trying to sit on top to see out the window.
I like that idea!! The window is about 2 1/2 to 3 feet high

Would you do the roosts against that long back wall or the 4 foot wall opposite the chicken door?
That would depend on your actual dimensions, number of chickens, use of a poop board, etc. If you need the 8' length (ie 8 chickens) I'd go for the 8' wall. Less likely to startle/be startled by chickens flying off the roost as you open the door, and one long board should reduce any squabbling between neighbors. But you'd definitely want to have a poop board, at least over the pop door, so they aren't walking through the nights poop coming and going each day. Another plus, they might be able to look out their window while on the roost, if they're stuck inside due to weather.

Keep in mind, my girls are still using their "little girl" roosts, they haven't made it to the higher roosts, so my advice is just based on the many, many
hours of research I did on here before I started building.

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