Help me with sour crop please.


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Aug 17, 2011
I treated my pullet with sour crop a few weeks ago and now she has it again. I'm assuming it didn't all go with the 1st treatment and that is why it has returned.
I have had her in a cage for 3 days now with only water and yogurt, i have put acv in her water and some fresh garlic in her yogurt as i read on her the garlic was good for sour crop.
Last time i treated her, her crop emptied with in 48 hours, this time i am on day 3 and her crop does not seem to be going down.
Can anyone suggest any thing i can try or am i doing what is needed?
in the morning hold her upside down and massage her crop till she vomits. My bird had a very persistant case (1 month!) of sour crop (on anti fungals and everything) and it wasn't until I began vomiting him every morning that he began to recover... fast! He was emptying his crop normally within two days!

This is what I did and I would advise you to do you same:
-withhold food and water overnight
-vomit her first thing in the morning, get as much out as you can (but remember to stop and let her breathe!!)
- for the next hour, offer a slighty stronger than usual ACV/water mix (and give anti fingal meds if you have them) fungus hates an acidic environment, and having an empty crop will expose the fungus even more.

After this you can offer food and regular strength ACV/water as usual.

Good luck

edited to add: the yogurt is a good idea as long as it has live cultures in it, it will create competition against the yeasts growth. I would force feed it to my bird at the same time as his meds.

another edit: when my bird got sour crop for the second time (after only being better for 3 weeks) the vet told me feeding bread to birds would are 'prone' to sour crop can make it worse or cause them to get it. So maybe keep this one away from any breaddy treats in the future!

no bread for him now and he hasn't had a case since (5months now!)
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Thank you Animalian for your response.
I have been vomiting her in the morning and again in the afternoon.
The yogurt is live and i've added fresh garlic to it as i read on here some where that the garlic was good for sour crop.
Can you suggest any anti fungal meds?
Thanks, Marlene.
Really need help with this problem, is there really no one else that can advise?
I am considering a crop bra for my little guy. Not sure it would work with your situation, but I just learned about them yesterday. I didn't know they existed until I took my roo to the vet, and he told me cockatiels wear them a lot, since they tend to get pendulous crop, as my boy has. The vet thought they would be too small for my Chicken, but I see they now make them in larger chicken-sizes. I figure it might be worth a try, though I don't know how a roo will feel about wearing a bra. :>)
I did read some where on here about those crop bras. At the moment i just need to clear her crop and get her back healthy, hopefully once and for all.
I would stop the acv in the water in favor of garlic. The garlic must be raw of course. The "good" cultures in yogurt are fine except impo it is actually making it harder to kill the yeast and or bad bacteria in the crop.
The garlic and other things will kill the bad and the good. IE if there are 1000 bad units of something in the crop and I add 1000 good units I now have 2000 total units to kill rather than 1000. Not sure if that made sense or not but I dont know of another way to explain it. Yogurt is a good preventive, not a cure.

You can try oregano. The oil is most effective but is so strong that it would be hard to administer. You may see if she likes fresh oregano leaves. If it sits in the crop it should help quite a bit.

You can also try colloidal silver.

If you go with a diet of only oregano leaves, then I think I would forego emptying the crop in favor of letting the oregano do its job in the crop.

Ive never had one with sour crop, but I do know quite a bit about attributes of natural treatments.

Edited....I never use acv, I like garlic or Oxine better
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Can you get your hands on some charcoal? Couple of my chickens ate some rat poison, i went to the vets and they gave me Activated Charcoal Soluble. I had to give 3mm to each bird who ate the poison to induce vomiting. I couldnt use vitamin K antidote as it is apparantly not good for chickens. Hope this helps..X

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