Help meh Quail egg hatching


Dec 21, 2020

I have incubating this egg for 3 days but i can't see any veins while candling
Is there any life inside or it's a bad egg?
Is this normal anyone help me please?
:welcome I would wait at least 2 more days before making a decision about this egg.
Many says you can see veins 🙄 within 4 days and many takes decision and do candling in 6 day..!!
I hope its fertilized and The cellphone flash light is not that much brighter to see the veins 😊
:welcome I would wait at least 2 more days before making a decision about this egg.

This is today's candling photos 4 days
And i have also done floating test.. Because i can't see viens in this egg
It's already 4 days gone.. BTW it floats in water test..
Now could you please help me what should I do to this Egg... I hope it's fertilized but no veins i can't see but air space have been created you can see in the picture in the buttom
🥴 ..
Should i continue this egg incubating please help me...
I think you posted pics in the quail forum and nabiki said you should keep it going. Your best bet is to candle after 7-9 days, you’ll see life or not for sure after a few days longer.
I had always heard you shouldn't make a final call if there is no life or not until at least day 7. To me I don't see life in there but I'd give it a few more days. Also taking them out of the incubator each day isn't going to help. The consistency of temp and humidity will help developing. Every time you open the incubator keep in mind it'll take time to re-regulate temp and humidity. Some obviously take longer than others.

Remember less is more ;)
Wait till day 7 I’ve had quail eggs that I can’t see life in until about a week. It’s hard to see through the spots on the eggs.

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