Help! Microscopic bird mites infestation.

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    Two weeks ago, I had a few microscopic bird mite bites on my skin, whenever I handle my chickens. Now, I had 2-3 times more than what I had 2 weeks ago on my skin. I can confirm that it was microscopic bird mite bite, since my mom's dermatologist examined it, and confirmed it. My chickens have had mites before, but it was mites that can easily be seen with the naked eye. They are easily eradicated, by the chicken, if they had dust bathing and they can groom themselves and by applying soap and water when they take a bath. I know, that oral Ivermectin works on killing mites, but I don't know the right dosage for microscopic bird mites.Please provide an official link, and toxic dose and therapeutic dose for microscopic bird mites.

    I think they got it from the wild birds.
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    Bird mites and lice don't infest people. They might crawl on you, but it sounds to me like you have a bad mite or lice infestation from either your chickens, or sometimes wild birds can leave tons of mites in certain areas and they might be breeding there. I read a story once about birds nesting in someone's attic, and the mites or lice were coming into the house and getting on a baby. Sounds to me like you are picking them up from somewhere.
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    They don't live on people, but they do bite people and can leave little bumps.

    The most common therapeutic oral ivermectin dose for birds is only 0.2mg/kg, which is almost impossible to give when using the 1% injectable or the 1.87% horse paste. There are some pigeon formularies that list amounts up to 1mg/kg.

    In some species of birds, ivermectin is toxic at only 0.4mg/kg.

    Ivermectin is *not* water soluble.

    I don't know what that toxic dose in chickens is, but many people give up to 12x the recommended dose.

    Probably best to get some permethrin poultry dust and dust them. You will also need to treat their coop, perches and nesting boxes with a permethrin spray.


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