help: milky white poop

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9 Years
Jul 15, 2010
New Haven County
I have a 3 month old black coop marans. She started having milky white poop about two weeks ago, and her vent was out at that time. We tried many methods. Now her vent is OK, but still have milky white poop. Her appetite is good, and looks quite normal, except the milky poop. Can someone give me some advice?
If some medication need to be used, can you also tell me where to buy them? Thank you.
White droppings can be a sign of dehydration or kidney problems, but it might be worthwhile to take in some fresh droppings to your local vet for a fecal test if possible. Sometimes after a prolapse, the vent can become damaged. Are her droppings especially stinky? Can you post a picture of her typical droppings?

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