Help!!! My babies are swarmed by bees!!


10 Years
Apr 21, 2009
Noblesville, IN
I put my 4 week old chicks outside in the chicken tractor to enjoy the sunshine, along with their feeder and waterer. I just started to go outside to check on them and there are thousands of bees around their feeder. I'm hoping the babies are okay, I can't check too closely as I am allergic to bees! I'm not sure what to do!!
I've never heard of that. Maybe it's because it's spring and they're hungry?

Can you put something out to distract them away from the chicks food? Like maybe something stinky like tuna or something?

I dont' want you to get hurt.........seeing as you are allergic!
Put some sugar water out for the bees away from the chicks. There probably isn't alot of food for bees right now and something in the feed is attracting them. They could be swarming or just the food is the cause.
Are these honeybees? I've been doing research for future hives for my garden and this sounds like swarming behavior - when a queen and a bunch of workers try to find new digs. Call / search online for local beekeepers; they all advertise in our farmer's bulletein for free swarm removal. Bees in swarm mode are supposed to be docile, not prone to sting. Ok for the chicks, not good enough for you if you're allergic. If I were close, I'd come!
If they're yellow jackets you should put some pieces of meat out, they're extremely attracted to meat.

I agree with the assumption that they're looking for food, I doubt they'll hurt your chicks. You're chicks should be fine, especially since they're 4 weeks old. Sugar water sounds like a good distraction if they're honey bees.
Walk around and see if you see any other bees. Watch to see if the one on the feeder are flying back to a larger group. A swarm is pretty big and they are like a ball we had one that covered the siding on the corner of the garage and then it moved to a tree and it was bigger than a basketball. Sugar water is probably your best bet unless they are yellow jackets like the earlier post said. Good luck.
I would urgently find some way to distract the bees away from the chicks, no matter who you have to get to do it. Even though chicks are not the target, as we aren't, sometimes bees will sting anyway, if there is a perceived threat or even just an unanticipated collision. I wouldn't think a 4 week old chick would fare well with a bee sting, much less multiple stings.
I get the bees around my water buckets. My dogs go nuts they hate the bees messing with their water. I have also noticed that they go to my chicken waters also. In my case they are after the water. I do live in the desert!

Please do stay away from them. Get some one to help you. Good luck!

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