Help, My birds are sick

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    Jul 15, 2016
    I have 2 separate "flocks". They have been close once or twice but for the most part they stay on there own turf.

    So the 4 hens I had on one side of the fence 2 of them have died.

    Tonight I notice that one of the birds of the 17 I have is showing some of the same symptoms as the two birds that died.

    The first bird that died had a closed eye and white comb and was very listless. She died within 2 days of me noticing she wasn't doing well. The second bird didn't seem to be eating much but I free range the birds but wasn't sure if that was why. She died Saturday, both of her eyes looked fine, she was just very listless, didn't move even when Pauline(another hen) stepped on her. She squawked a little when I put her in a pen by herself, then layed back down. She was dead in the morning when we got up. I thought maybe cause she was old. Some one gave the four hens to me and the 2 that died never laid an egg. I just assumed they were old. I have had them for over a month.

    So tonight I notice that one of the 17 birds eye was closed and her other eye looks funny to me. I will post a picture. She is still eating, she isn't moving much but she did when the sun went down try to get out of the cage I put her in and go to her coop. She could hear the other girls.

    I just thought of it. I did take the water pan I had for the 4 hens and give it to the 17 cause they needed a bigger pan. I did not use bleach on it I just rinsed it. I hope I didn't pass anything from one to the other. Is that possible? Out of the four hens I noticed last week that 2 of them had fowl pox. They are 2 RIR and they are both still laying. I did think that they had lost weight but figured it was because I gave the rooster away and was feeding them a different feed. The lady I got them from feed they pellets, I use crumbles and table scraps, and free ranging.

    If it is something in the water pan, which I will go remove as soon as I post, what is the best thing to do.

    Thanks for any and all advise I am new and trying to learn and hopefully not kill my birds in the process.







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