Help! My Button Quail Has A Bloody Gouge On His Back!

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    My male dilute button quail Creeper (which is to my knowledge a rare mutation) has a bloody gouge on his back. I'm terrified! I was just going to give my momma hen Misty and her baby Pebbles some water (they are living in the same aviary as the button quail for the time being) and I noticed he had a patch of red on his back! I picked him up and he wriggled to try get out of my hand, but then I noticed that he had a patch of exposed bloodied flesh! I'm very scared for him! What can I do? I'll try taking some pics of the wound. My only guess as to what It could be is momma hen? Her baby is way more active now, and hes been walking around the aviary, so maybe Creeper got in the way? I couldn't see any blood on her beak? Please help!
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    I don't think it was your hen. Buttons seem to have a tendancy to pluck out other Buttons feathers, starting on the back if stressed so it's possibly that. I've just had a male start plucking his 2 week old chicks (a few quite badly) because he wants the hen to nest again! Then I had an Ivory male start plucking the different coloured males he was caged with - not the other two Ivory ones though - just the ones different from him. They can be frustrating creatures!

    They are tough little things though so hopefully your male will recover just fine.
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    The hen you mention living with the button Quail is also a button Quail?

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