HELP!!! My chick doesn't want to wake up!


Mar 7, 2018
We bought 10 chicks about 2 weeks ago. They were all doing well till one started running in circles and acting like she was hurting. She then quit even moving. We figured she had wry neck and have been treating her for it. When returning home after being gone 3 hours yesterday she was cold and wouldn't move. We put her on a heating pad and she seemed to perk up. Come today she is still on the heating pad but now acting like she doesn't want to wake up. She will eat when I syringe feed her but goes right back to "sleep". I am going later to get a heat lamp for her but I don't know what else to do. It seems like she's getting skinnier but when i feed her more than .625ml every 3 hours she gets sick. Help!
But what are the answers to ALL my questions?
Unless we have more information, we can't really help.

I've revived a chilled/almost dead chick on multiple occasions with a hair dryer with warm heat blowing across them. If that is what's wrong.
You don't necessarily need to know the exact temp. Judge by their behavior. Do they crowd in the hot end, in the cool end or move about freely?
Have you tried scrambled egg? If it won't wake up, it won't eat and is likely not going to make it. Not all chicks survive.
Something tubed for energy may help it to perk up temporarily like some sugar water, agave nectar, molasses, etc.
Nutri-Drench is an excellent product for sickly chicks.
She was up more when I left but none of my chicks will eat scrambled egg. They all move freely though unless they are sleeping then of course they stay by the lamp

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