Help! My chick is sick Need help ASAP!

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  1. EmilyAA

    EmilyAA New Egg

    Mar 10, 2015
    One of my Rhode Island Red baby hens is struggling to poop. She is a month old and is eating, drinking & acting normal.

    I noticed something was wrong when she started chirping loudly & sometimes shakes when she is trying to go to the bathroom. It's almost like the inside of her bum bulges out every time she poops. I make sure her bum is clean so nothing is blocking it making it more difficult for her to go. It takes her awhile to poop and sometimes it sounds like she is tooting, but I think it's because she pushes hard. Whatever it is that is bulging out will slowly go back in. She can't go all at once, it takes several tries.

    What should I do for her?
    What might it be?
    Any suggestion?
    Anything helps!


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