Help!!!!!!!!! my chicken has a injury (bad deep cut) on her underside


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Oct 24, 2009
My vet is not available this late on a Saturday. It is very bad and can not find anyone to help me. I have up in a call to the local bird rescue and am waiting for a return call. I have cleaned out the wound but it probably happen a couple days ago and went unnoticed. Is there any thing I can give her as a fever reducer? what antibiotics can be used on chickens?
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She'll need pain relief as well as oral or injectible antibiotic. For pain relief aspirin water is one option tho if she is actively bleeding or if internal injuries are suspected it can be dangerous (aspiring being a blood thinner). But if there's not a big issue there it may be a saving grace. Typical dose is one crushed baby aspirin (81 mg) per cup of drinking water, fresh batch at least once daily. If they're in pain they may not want to eat or drink so I get them started by dunking bits of their favorite fruits in the aspirin water and hand feeding the fruit. Once the edge is taken off their pain they will usually eat and drink on their own. A vet may more readily prescribe Metacam or some other prescription med.

Cleanse the wound with 9 parts water and 1 part betadine. Apply topical neosporin. Your note said the wound is deep so you also need oral or injectible antibiotic. I am not sure what you would have available in your neck of the woods. Hopefully the bird rescue can supply you with something given the holiday weekend and the fact that your bird's very life may well depend on it. If they care about birds they will help you. It may help to offer to donate to them an amount that will cover the cost...
Infection can take them down fast so it cannot wait till Tuesday.

A drop or two of Rescue Remedy (Bach flower remedy) in her water may have a calming effect to help her through this.

Keep her in calm confortable setting so she doesn't have to expend any energy on being too hot or other stressful matters.

I hope she'll be okay.
p.s. Call any major vet hospitals ANYWHERE that do avian (e.g. Red Bank Veterinary in NJ) and they may also tell you what you can use - then call a local Tractor Supply or well equipped feed store to see if they carry... (hopefully the bird rescue folks come through because it may be infinitely easier/faster). You could also call Tri-State Bird Research and Rescue in Delaware (they should be there 24/7) and see if they have any thoughts re: something you might reasonably get over the counter. I don't know how well it would work for this situation but if you have a regular dog/cat vet maybe they would be kind enough to let you get some Baytril (used for furries as well as feathereds)...
I agree with jjthink, however you could also irrigate the wound with a mild solution of dawn soap mixture with water atleast once a day until you can get it to your vet. If you have a local farm store near you, buy penicillin (either clear or milky) and inject 1 CC on the inside of the thigh with a comparatively thin needle (Shake the penicillin well before use). Be very careful if you haven't done it before and make sure it is in the muscle and not around bones. Also if you have any maggots pick them and keep the chicken in clean and dry environment. You must also change the bedding if the chicken has maggots as failure to do so will only bring them back. Keep and eye on it until you can get it to your vet.

I'd separate the chicken from the rest or instinctively they'll pick the injured chicken to establish a pecking order and also due to instinctive fear of the hurt chicken attracting predators.

I hope it feels better.

thanks!! I just got all the maggots off. She have be in the house. I have moved her to the bath tub. I will change the bedding in the coop for my other hens.
You're welcome.
but don't forget to give her antibiotics. I just learned from another senior member from here - 4-H Chicken Mom - you could get this stuff from TSC that is called EMT Gel First Aid Kit in a Tube it works great, really sticky, like honey and it is for use on all animals including Birds & Reptiles.
BTW, don't fret about the maggots. They are your friend in this situation and have been eating the dead tissue, which may have saved the chicken's life. I know they're gross, but back in one of the wars, they used to just wrap the wounds up for week or so. When they took the bandage off, there'd be maggots, and a fresh, healthy wound.
I would take maggots pretty seriously. I have personally helped euthanize quite a few dogs, cats and rabbits that have been eaten alive from maggots. It's a site you don't soon forget.

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