Help my chicken lethargic and threw up water????

So I noticed yesterday one of my 3 year old rr was kinda quiet. Standing around and just looking off. She looks perfectly well. So today I noticed the same thing.
I picked her up and felt her butt and everything looks good. She’s not egg bound at least, a little white runny poop around her vent but as I was feeling her she started gushing water from her mouth. A Lot of clearing liquid ? No smell so don’t think it’s sour crop ?? Her crop does feel a little full. I put her in the barn with a fan and towel and some water. Ive not experienced this before? Any help or insight would be appreciated!

it recently got in the 90s and egg production is a little slow this week. I checked her all over and she has no mites.
she looks great tbh. May be heat stroke?? Is that even a thing?
So I’m wondering if she has a broken egg inside her? Is this possible? I see yellow yoke looking dribbles in her crate???
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Jun 13, 2013
I would check her crop first thing in the morning to see if it is emptying properly.

Chickens are highly prone to reproductive issues and around the age of 3 is when I see it the most. This could be what you are seeing with your hen. Unfortunately, little can be done for them. Hopefully, it is not what you are dealing with.
Thanks! I do have one who lays strange shaped eggs and I’m wondering if it’s her. I’ve been massaging her crop every few hours. She did throw up some more. I noticed meal worms in it. I gave her coconut oil and honey with water and she has some jogurt I’ll keep her separate tonight and see how she is in the morning.

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