Help my chickens are driving me mad


Aug 14, 2016
I only have two chickens left from my flock. One is a little polish silkie and the other is I presume a nankin, they are inseparable . I have noticed this problem only happens during the summer months. Early in the morning the Silkie starts screeching which goes to a fever pitch screech. You would honestly think I was trying to kill it. The screeching goes on for about 3 hours. Not to be out done the Nankin then decides to join in. The noise is dreadful. Chicken clucking is lovely to hear and I love it when they announce the arrival of an egg. Unfortunately the screeching is getting out of control and the neighbours will soon complain to the council. I don't want to part with them as I rescued them but what choice do I have ? Any suggestions as to how I can get them to squawk less ?
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Can your polish/silkie see ok? Maybe screeching because they can't see your other bird. Do they have plenty to keep them occupied? Like a dust bath, something to jump up and down on? A cabbage hung up to keep them entertained?

I'm afraid it may also just be a case of the personality. I have mainly polish and they are a very chatty breed to keep. My 2 white crested black polish hens are terrible for the screeching, especially when you go outside and they are wanting attention. I try to keep them entertained as much as possible and let the out into the garden to explore which does keep the screeching down a tad.
Lost all my reply so here I go again. I far as I know they can both see well, try catching the buggers. They have a large back garden to roam around with plenty of nooks and crannies. They have made their own dust bath in the corner of my garden. They are well fed and have lots of treats. This morning they were in their house when the screeching started. The run is eight foot long and always open in to the chicken house. Normally I just let them roam free in the garden unless I need to give the garden a rest. The only time this pair of reprobates were quiet was when I had ex battery hens living with them. The Silkie seems to take great delight in it's squawking activities. Also the squawking seems to coincide with the summer months. The only other thing I can think of is there is a cockerel on the farm near by.

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