Help! My chickens are turning on each other!

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Ok really its just my entire flock turning on my poor little bantee. All of a sudden when i put the chickens back in the run they all gang up on her, corner her, and start pecking her. A week or so ago my dog chewed a hole in the run only big enough for our bantee to get out. She has had free range of the backyard during that time.At night i have been putting her in the coop with no issues but when they all get up in the morning its game on again. They havent drawn any blood but i am assuming its just a matter of time. She used to be what i thought was the lead hen and picked on the others but the tables have turned. Does anyone have any advice on how to get them back into harmoy? I have two younger chicks that are just about ready to go out so this makes me a little worried. Thanks!
You have a flock out of harmony, and generally that is due to over crowding, or a difference in size or both. I would not be adding chicks to a flock that is already out of harmony. You are going to have to change something, by either subtracting bullies or the victim, or the size and shape of your set up.

It would really be helpful if you added the ages of your chicken, the size of your run and coop. I would go down and take a good look at the run/coup. Is there multi-levels in the run, places where birds can hide and get out of sight of the others? Adding a couple of pallets, one leaned against the wall, one up on blocks can really help. Adding a couple of roosts can make better use of your vertical space.

If you have full size birds, mixed with a single banty, you may have to re-home the banty chicken. I think I would try, taking out the victim and seeing if everyone calms down in a week. If so, that is your answer. If not, if a new victim is chosen by the flock, then you need to reduce your numbers. This time pull the most aggressive birds.

Chicken society is often not pretty, and wishing all would be nice does not work, we have all been there.

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This great just got 3 chicks from rural king in Fl.they told me they were bantams. Already have 2 silkies (7mos.) Hoping the chicks r truly brahma bantams or I'll have an issue. Also I have a 3x3 coop with one nesting box. Is that going to be enough sleeping room. Also my silkies don't roost. Do Brahma's like to roost?

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