Help! My Coop Floor Rotted,

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    I started my chores this morning by stepping through the floor of my coop. The coop is 8 years old, and years of rain, snow, and dirt running down the hillside has caused the floor to rot. We live on the side on the mountain, so everything runs down hill. I'm trying to decide what I want to do to fix it. Should I pull the floor out and put down new wood or maybe some typ of grate? I'm also thinking of pulling the floor out and filling it with dirt. I would to get some of your thoughts on my little predicament!! Thanks for your help!![​IMG]
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    It all depends on how much rot has invaded your coop. One or two floor joist not a problem. If rot has invade the shoe of the walls it maybe beyond repair. It all depends on how much integrity is left in the structure.

    Raising the sturcture off the ground maybe on cinder blocks will go a long way in safe guarding your coop from rot (holes positioned so you can look through the block.)

    High wood is dry wood not as likely to rot.

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    Fixing the drainage problem is the first step, otherwise fixing the coop will be futile. Mary
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    Thank you both! I'm in the process of fixing the drainage issue. I live on the side of the mountain, so runoff from rains has pooled under the coop. The walls are in good shape, and from what I can see the floor joists are too. We used pressure treated lumber under the coop. I'm adding swales around my yard to improve water flow and capture. Right now, I just need to figure out the best way to fix the floor.
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    I would raise the coop on cinder blocks (we use this method) and put down a new floor.
    We used plywood and also covered that with a sheet of vinyl flooring for easy cleaning.
    Good luck fixing your drainage problem.
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