Help! My day old chick is not walking.

Misfit 666

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Apr 12, 2014
One Tree Hill, South Australia.
Thanks for the warm welcome...

Now I have an entirely new problem...Last night i got my dream flock, a batch of 6 lavender Aracunas Anconas? (spelling may be a bit off!) The ones with the blue to greenish eggs...well 4 are a week old and they are fine and dandy eating me out of house and home...BUT!...

Well one of the remaining two was only a day old when I took it home...It's sibling which may be a day or two older is fine, just like a normal chick...but the other one, the day old one, is not walking at all yet, I have the obligatory brooder set up with the heat lamp and chick starter and water in a VERY shallow dish to stop drowning...

So here is how it's behaving, It is basically just kind of flopping/crawling it's way to the water or the lamp, i have them close together so it does not have to flop far, I have been dunking it's head in the water every so often and when i do that it seems to drink a little each time...and it pecks me when i touch it, is that a good sign??

So here's what I would like to know to stop me from developing a twitch...haha!

1# Are it's legs supposed to be slightly splayed? At least one seems to be poking out to the side at any one time.

2# How much will it need to drink as I have not seen it drink on it's own at all yet (maybe i just missed it drinking)

3# When i pick it up it's legs go very wide out to the side but when I pick up it's sibling the same way it's legs kind of just go straight down like all of my other chicks...I think this is a not so good sign...

HELP!!! Thanks in advance for any advice anyone may be able to give me...

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