Help! My duck has a bubble in his beak...

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  1. I think, I dont know whats wrong with it.

    They are pekin ducklings I got from Welp two weeks ago. Four of them have this thing under there beak, like a pimple full of blood.

    I picked one up and i touched it and it was semi-soft.

    The ducklings are eating and drinking fine, but what should I do to cure it?

    And can it be passed to the other ducklings?


    This is one of the ones that isnt bad with it....


    This is the worst one [​IMG]

    **Edited to add photos
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    Hi, I just saw that your post hasn't been I'll bump you.
    I was curious to know what this is. Do they seem to be in any pain?
    I hope your little ducklings are okay!
  3. Wildsky

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    I'm guessing its a bruise of somekind.....

    thats just a guess by the look of it. If it is - you need to look around and see why thats happening - can they not get into the food and water dishes? or are they trying to peck outside the brooder (through wire or?)
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  4. I took antibiotic ointment and put it on their beaks.

    They have almost had a full recovery!

    I'm guessing it was an infectious bruise of some sort.

    Thanks to everyone! [​IMG]
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    Both of mine who are two weeks old are having the same issue. One female has it bad like the picture you posted the male is starting to get one.... you just put the triple antibiotic on beak or did you pop it and then put it on? Ive never seen this happen and nobody seems to know what it is!!!
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    Welcome to BYC! Is the swelling soft?


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