help! my duck won't eat!


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Apr 19, 2014
so I went to the beach this week for 2 days came back in the afternoon on the third day. we left my brother in charge of my duck to let him in his house at night and out in the morning. when we got back we realized my brother forgot to put my ducks food in his pen. so he hasn't eaten in 2 and half duck seems like he lost some weight, he is so much lighter than before. now when I gave my duck the food he ate it right up and then drank some water but after a little while he threw up all of his food. now he won't eat anything because he just throws it back up. help! I don't know what to do!!
Put a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a half gallon of the water. Make sure he has the apple cider vinegar and water for at least eight hours. The web page below says don't try to give him food for several hours - first rehydrate.

Here - here is the protocol for helping a starving duck.

There are many technical terms in that, but the basics are, the first eight hours, rehydrate with water and electrolytes but no sugar.

Then, get some Ensure (get it tonight - I doubt the stores will be open tomorrow).

How much does the duck weigh now? I am trying to come up with a calorie calculation based on that web site's suggestion.

I would strongly suggest you call a vet and see what they might advise.
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he's great now! eating normally. the next day he ate fine most of the time, I think he might've thrown up once or twice. but now after a week he is perfectly normal again! and my duck is 2 just turned two in March! sadly though he had a partner and he died a little after his second birthday this year. we both are still recovering though!

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